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Africans collect here plastic

The good environmental idea: Anyone who has ever been there will surely remember the thousands of black plastic bags lying everywhere. They are now collected and melted together to form a large statue of a woman and small benches. Jonas Konkobo, CEO of Solafrique in Bobo, is organizing it in Burkina Faso; Noël Comparé also introduced the idea to other countries.

Thank you for your interest in «notre soleil suisse»

Notes from last assembly (only in german)

GV-Präsentation und Protokoll vom 31.8.23

 (Präsentation und Protokoll vom 25.08.22)


The association is committed to the spread of solar energy in Burkina Faso (West Africa) with the goals of slowing down deforestation, creating local jobs, promoting the education of children and adults, and the daily life of women on the to facilitate the country.

Information about the association can be found in this PDF  "Let us introduce ourselves". We would also be happy to send you the documents in paper form (please send a message to president Franziska Heusser).

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