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Our new project: "solar know-how"
A center for solar technology training and production in Bama
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In white: existing parts

Production of

  • Solar lamps

  • Pumps with tanks

  • Solar oven, Parabolic cooker, dehydrator, hot water collectors and improved wood stoves 

Range of functions offered by the new center:

  • Training and producton, management, solar technology promotion, solar technology consulting

  • Together with the local population, notre soleil suisse and Solafrique will design and build a solar community and training center in Bama, together with local stakeholders and notre soleil Burkina.

Project goals

Advances in the following areas, where solar technology offers a sustainable solution, are essential for better living conditions for the population and sustained economic development. These 5 areas are specifically served by «notre soleil suisse»:

  1. Local access to good quality drinking water ► solar water pumps

  2. Primary health care (health centers, maternity wards) ► Lighting, water heaters, refrigerators

  3. Energy for cooking, water heating and food preservation ► Parabolic cookers, solar ovens, water heaters, dryers for families and communities

  4. Improved training and education opportunities ► solar lighting (schools, teacher accommodation)

  5. Improving private and collective communication ► Solar power for radio and television as well as for mobile phones , see also energy kiosks

Have a look on all realized projects on this PDF.

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